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SmartCord Technology can help prevent fires during the holiday season by alerting you of overheating near your holiday lights and decorations before it's too late.
The overheating represents a fire hazard and while no fires
The center said that there were 75 reports of smartphone-caused burn injuries in Japan and 1,032 reports altogether of smartphones overheating between April 2009 and December.
That will increase the risk of a new overheating of the economy.
While these epidemiological studies have demonstrated the importance of overheating exposure duration to thermal health, existing overheating risk assessment methods for buildings have yet to account for the length of consecutive time for which indoor temperature remains continuously high.
NHK TV says the problem emerged Sunday in a sensor that detects overheating in the modified version of the lithium-ion batteries used in the aircraft.
said Wednesday it is recalling a total of 45,300 units of two types of washing machines manufactured between 2005 and 2009 because of risks of smoke or fire due to components overheating.
Mitsubishi, a Japan-based car manufacturer, is still unable to resume production of its Outlander plug-in model, as it has so far been unable to account for the fault with the car's overheating battery.
The major causes of concern for the diamond material are chipping, leaching and overheating, all of which can lead to premature failure of individual tips, and ultimately the entire tool.
Boeing's plan of action includes use of a battery box aimed at insulating lithium-ion cells from one another to prevent their overheating, as well as a venting mechanism for fumes, the BBC has reported.
Warwick Station commander, Jon Dixon, said: "We are concerned that 65 per cent of our accidental vehicle fires were caused by overheating and general maintenance issues.
Apple yesterday denied any overheating concerns on the new iPad, saying that the product operates well within its thermal specifications.