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In a statement following its regular consultation with local authorities late last year, the International Monetary Fund said the 'combination of high-credit growth, buoyant private investment and fiscal expansion without tax reform could lead to overheating of the economy.
Much of the concern that the Philippines is overheating has focused on the strong recent run of growth.
Accordingly, we are sceptical that the economy is overheating and the BSP need to take action.
Overheating happens when the present demands on the economy significantly exceeds its present capacity to provide.
A weak radiator cap can also be the main cause of overheating.
have been reported, the CPSC said Apple received eight reports of overheating.
The center said that there were 75 reports of smartphone-caused burn injuries in Japan and 1,032 reports altogether of smartphones overheating between April 2009 and December.
Finding the reason for the overheating could spur further design changes.
While these epidemiological studies have demonstrated the importance of overheating exposure duration to thermal health, existing overheating risk assessment methods for buildings have yet to account for the length of consecutive time for which indoor temperature remains continuously high.
o] is the hourly indoor operative temperature and Tth is the threshold temperature, which can be either an absolute overheating benchmark or an adaptive comfort limit that changes with the outside temperature.
NHK TV says the problem emerged Sunday in a sensor that detects overheating in the modified version of the lithium-ion batteries used in the aircraft.
Mitsubishi, a Japan-based car manufacturer, is still unable to resume production of its Outlander plug-in model, as it has so far been unable to account for the fault with the car's overheating battery.