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Given the already cyclically advanced stage of the economy, there is a material risk that continued strong expansion could give rise to overheating and generate sustained upward wage pressures.
"If a disorderly Brexit can be avoided, the underlying outlook and, in particular, the risk of overheating, emphasises the importance of a more ambitious in the event of Brexit improvement in the fiscal position."
'In rare cases, this may lead to overheating and subsequent short circuit or melting at the plug-in contact.
'Overheating risks remain in place, highlighted by rapid credit growth and a widening current account deficit, although the central bank's stated intention to remain vigilant against developments that could affect the inflation outlook,' it said.
Overheating occurs when production in a fast-growing economy is not able to keep up with rising demand, igniting sharp rise in prices.
"I'm experiencing overheating and shutdown without warning during video calls while charging.
But just 35 minutes later, a further update from SFRS on Twitter confirmed that the alarm had in fact been triggered by the smoke produced by the overheating computer server.
Again, always keep a watchful eye on your retriever looking for any signs of overheating and upon seeing the first sign of overheating (the tip of the tongue turning red), stop immediately and allow him to rest and cool off.
Motors can overheat from a variety of different causes--too much weight being moved, jams in a conveyor belt, working in high temperature environments, and fluctuations in supply voltage--all can contribute to the possibility of overheating. Thermally protected solid-state relays (SSRs) can also help protect against cyberattacks by preventing rogue instructions from forcing a machine to run extra fast, stressing its components, and causing serious damage from overheating.
Summary: An Applestore in Zurich was temporarily evacuated after smoke emitted from an overheating iPhone battery.
Global Banking News-December 7, 2017--Philippine central bank says economy is not overheating