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It'll soon be the case that it's their middle-aged mums and dads and even their grandparents who are more likely to overindulge.
Washington, Mar 16 ( ANI ): Anyone who needs a reason not to overindulge on St.
Health chiefs fear revellers could put their health and safety at risk if they overindulge at New Year.
IF you overindulge on Christmas Day, and if you're looking for somewhere to go on Boxing Day, then Glynneath is the place to be.
They also include a cautionary word for British beer drinkers tempted to overindulge.
It's great being able to overindulge once a year at Christmas time, but it is really important, too, not to have too much of an impact on the environment in which we live.
He never forgets to warn his players not to overindulge at the dinner table because 11 years ago one of his starting defensive linemen got sick during a playoff game after eating too much turkey.
This is one feast where you can overindulge and not regret it.
For those individuals who may overindulge, William Lee, professor of internal medicine, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas, offers the following warning:
The fallibility of this satiety feedback system makes it easy to overindulge in calorie-rich foods, such as those high in fat.
Eating right: A Drexel nutrition expert can show how to keep off those unwanted holiday pounds with tips on how to enjoy holiday parties but not overindulge.
As the festive season draws near, there could be help at hand for those of us who occasionally overindulge.