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Take Joan Crawford as Mildred Pierce, the bored housewife who becomes a successful, sexually "liberated" businesswoman who loses everything when her spoiled, overindulged daughter sleeps with and then kills Pierce's parasitic husband.
Should I exercise more on Sunday if I overindulged on Saturday?
Alert Cab provides free rides home to consumers who believe they may have overindulged and that a car service would provide a safer travel alternative.
Attending physicians noted that the symptoms resembled those seen in men who had overindulged in a drug called cantharidin -- popularly known as Spanish fly -- which is extracted from a particular beetle for its purported value as an aphrodisiac.
Later, Ricky mucked around with actor Will Arnett, 44, pretending he had overindulged at the free bar.
Hospital services across the region are put under pressure treating people who have overindulged as we approach 2015.
If they're feeling generally sluggish, have overindulged on the nice things that go hand in hand with Christmas or just need a general 'pick me up', they can pop into any Holland & Barrett store.
Lusciously coiffed Quebecois prodigy Xavier Dolan overreached with last year's "Laurence Anyways," a three-hour transgender saga that overindulged his admittedly striking stylistic affectations.
A HEALTH charity is reassuring those who have overindulged over the festive period that small changes can get you back to long-term health.
Mutley, a dog-faced puffer fish, has overindulged so much that he now struggles to move around.
He's thoroughly ashamed of his behaviour, he had overindulged himself.