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Based on responses from more than 2,500 British travellers, the survey also revealed that 58 per cent of Britons admitted overindulging in food while on a trip.
Subjects included having mountains of emails to catch up on, feeling poorly, overindulging on food and drink at the weekend and dreading being back in the office.
Jason ponders Holly's future in light of Eileen's news and turns to Sarah for support, while Gail suffers the consequences of overindulging at the Mortons' party.
The idea behind the project is to reduce alcohol-related incidents, target underage drinking and to promote sensible messages about the potential health risks associated with overindulging.
Produced by Bill Payne of Little Feat fame, the disc offers a sometimes soaring sampling of the outfit's diverse interests without overindulging too much in meandering, pseudo-Garcia fretwork.
He said, "Producers of organic wine and beer inform me that there is no hangover as a result of overindulging on such drinks.
Mimi's Cafe Small Bites menu encourages guests to enjoy some of their favorite Mimi's Cafe menu items, while not overindulging.
MTV presenter Laura Whitmore revealed she is planning to go on a detox diet after overindulging over the festive period.
On Thanksgiving Day, nothing makes you feel less sexy than overindulging on food.
FIRMS are set to lose up to pounds 65m in the run-up to Christmas, as staff take time off work with hangovers after overindulging at parties, according to a new report today.
The NAIA National Tournament is a basketball buffet without the indigestion after overindulging.
The holidays are jam-packed with festive events and parties, which all involve overindulging.