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They provide an essential connection 'between our own sense of self and our sense of others' (Bruner 1986:69), and through various forms of narrative practice our lives and selves attain meaning (Kerby 1991:3ff; Rapport and Overing 2000:283-4).
For Gillian Overing (1990: 74), the way Wealhtheow appropriates heroic language shows that "the system of masculine alliance allows women to signify in a system of apparent exchange, but does not allow them signification in their own right".
The 1,600 square foot openair palapa that houses the Adventure Center expands the watersports program at the resort, giving performance oriented sailors access to the Eustasia Sound for the first time, said Gordon Overing, Executive Managing Director of the resort.
is a movie by Bill Stone telling the true story of an unusual work of art - a 1000-foot stone wall by a beginner stonemason Chris Overing, in Canada's province of Quebec.
Keeping in view the term, Rapport and Overing (2007) have placed the indigenous peoples of the world into this category.
OfTotally l Rocks, c hesays: a "Ihave a anice frame r to the show, o although I don't ' want to give i it away, a but I will say a we're r cove o ring addiction, but it's ' not what you think; infatuation f verses love o , and a how o that all worksout; and we're c r overing a butter knife
A questao e, como assinalam Rapport e Overing (2000), contextualizar sem relativizar, analisando como nocoes de direito sao produzidas, possuidas e transformadas.
InterOil's assets consist of petroleum licenses c overing about 3.
Trevor Mason takes the trip of a lifetime through Canada's snow-capped Rocky Mountains * OVERING high above a glacier-fed lake of cerulean blue, the vast scale of the Canadian Rockies becomes awesomely apparent.
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