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The whole family, in short, were properly overjoyed on the occasion.
Hunt and his companions were overjoyed to have an opportunity of obtaining a further supply of horses from these equestrian savages.
Diana was not the most discerning of mortals, but just at this moment it struck her that Anne was not looking exactly overjoyed.
Maristela said she and her husband Bebot and daughters, Maricel and Jade Marie, were overjoyed that they would be able to pray and attend Mass at the church again, now that it had been restored.
Summary: New Delhi [India], November 10 (ANI): Actress Jacqueline Fernandez is overjoyed to reunite and work with Remo D'Souza and superstar Salman Khan.
We are overjoyed to see the facilities including joy land; Mosque, food and the environment are special.
The owners A spokesman clearly find him thought he during Fire spokesman for the service added: "The owners were clearly overjoyed to find him as they thought he had run off during the fire.
He is now set to study geography at University of Liverpool and was overjoyed to receive such fantastic results.
After coming second overall behind The Old Bakery in Norfolk, Michael said: "Dave and I are both overjoyed to be runners up in the AA Friendliest Bed and Breakfast Award.
I personally feel overjoyed that the truth has won out, that she is innocent," saidDavid Marriott, a spokesman for Knox who referred additional questions to her U.
While she's overjoyed to see Aaron she's panicking that he's a fugitive and frets about his state of mind, especially when she sees he's been self-harming again.
I'm not totally overjoyed that it happened but at the same time I don't really care.