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a) shows the final outbreak size of information with a maximal information lifetime value increase from 0 to 10,000 and community overlap level P=0.
Phenotypic response to selection for traits with direct and maternal components when generations overlap.
Even larger overlaps, such as James Ames, can be found, but these are augmented by surnames ending in--son or--s, such as John Johnson and Peter Peters.
Received the top rating of "good" in the small overlap front test.
Isopleths were transformed into fixed kernel polygon (FKP) vectors for home-range size and overlap analysis, and remained as raster FKPs for VI analysis.
As Gavel and Iselid indicate, Gluck's [6] analysis of journal coverage overlap defines different methods of calculating overlap.
However, due to tension on the film, the overlap is prone to come apart, the seal does not form correctly and 'pops open'.
The study measures the overlap among the search engine results to identify search engines with less overlap.
Already partially realized, Frey's vision of functionally oriented forms of "local government" that overlap and compete with one another could expand into the territories of other public monopolies.
4), the player responsible for the curl-to-flat (Rover) and the hook-to-curl player (Sam) must work together and overlap their zones.