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However, most studies on overlapping communities focus on epidemic difusion and only consider the topology of the network and do not study information transmitting in social networks based on individual social behaviors.
Essential benefits of the 800 Series Hybrid are said to include eliminating weld lines in materials through patented overlapping technology, producing a more consistent finished product; reduced sensitivity to changes in viscosity; reduced sensitivity to changes in line speed; myriad material and multi-layer application possibilities; works in all tubing and jacketing applications with a wide range of materials; low residence time; compact design; and improved concentricity.
The overlapping technology is also said to reduce weld lines to generate a more consistent finished product.
Genetic drift, overlapping generation, gene frequency.
Unlike the HH coil, most evaporator coils (or heat exchangers) are manufactured by expanding a tube into a fin, which creates an overlapping surface (a collar) and a circular crevice (nook) around this interface (regardless of the coil material)--an inaccessible safe haven for microbes.
Overlapping doesn't have to be used only when substituting for a wave soldering machine.
In medical imaging, radiations like x-rays, gamma rays and others are being used; these may produce different images of the same object, and under some conditions it may be necessary to make a graduated or controlled overlapping of them.
The shareholders with overlapping ownership (overlapping shareholders) would constitute a separate public group (overlapping public group).
in boosting profitability due to overlapping operations.
Intrigued by the question of why managers pursue such deals even when they do not improve shareholder wealth, UW-Milwaukee researchers Ravi Dharwadkar, Pamela Brandes, and Maria Goranova examined the implications of simultaneous ownership and the consequences of overlapping institutional ownership, whereby owners may have simultaneous stakes in both the acquirer and the target to an M&A deal.