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roughly 10 percent of the total cooling surface area) of overlapping collars, which are impossible to clean and inspect.
Even more welcome is the guidance that when actual knowledge is used to identify an overlapping public group that will be treated as an additional direct public group of the loss corporation, the loss corporation is not required to inquire as to stock ownership held by the overlapping public group throughout the entire testing period.
Tsukamoto denied the possibility that the elimination of overlapping operations would lead to the integration of the three banks in the future.
In another domain, education, the school choice movement has adopted an FOCJ stance: the establishment of overlapping jurisdictions for public service providers.
In 15 out of 16 trials with a real high-ranking male chickadee as a bystander, the listener approached the speaker broadcasting the song that was overlapping the other, the researchers report in the January, Behaviour.
The forces driving this effect can be divided into three overlapping categories: the dismantling of the organizational and spatial structures that helped keep order in China's cities during the Maoist era (from 1949 to 1978); a dramatic increase in the overall fluidity of urban societies in China (accompanied by the erosion of traditional moral and behavioral boundaries); and a new set of cultural values that has encouraged more urban Chinese to think of themselves as actors with individual agency.
Overlapping the strips a small amount along with the 90[degrees] turn creates a denser and more stable stack with better release properties than when the layers are stacked flat without the turn.
Companies seeking new business in the country will greatly benefit, ironically, by owning fixed-line assets in overlapping license areas.
A special robotic palletizing system from Columbia/Okura allows manufacturers to stack loose-filled bags in overlapping patterns to enhance load stability, while maintaining little or no product overhang on the pallet.
For example, the existence of an overlapping line may lead to an alternative choice of either crystal (if this gives better resolution) or x-ray line, since if the intensity loss entailed is too great it may be preferable to tolerate the overlap and apply a correction for it.
Having overlapping relationships, however, increases the likelihood of condom use.