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A full search of the 3300 pages for two-letter overlaps involving reasonably common first names turned up 137, or one in 900.
Therefore, while this approach, as intended, provided an accurate account of the number of unique serial titles in CINAHL and thus the number of titles that would be missed by only searching Scopus, it only roughly estimated the degree of overlap between these two sources.
At first reading Rule 17 appears to create a big change to our game, but in fact when one reads and understands a couple of new words in Rule 17 and reads them in conjunction with the definition of overlap, we see there is no real game change.
The adjustments reduced the number of LMSB posts-of-duty with multiple Industry overlaps from 58 to 16.
For wood in bark, there was a significant difference among the three radial force levels for the two overlaps tested.
The study described below was designed to explore the relationship or the degree of overlap between the PVI and other measures of communication skills that are typically collected by medical schools, primarily SP-based assessment in OSCE format.
As both the Fund and the Bank now assist the same clients, certain duplications and overlaps cannot be totally avoided.
Line overlaps affecting elemental peaks can be corrected by subtracting the contribution of the overlapping peak, but nevertheless should be avoided if possible, in view of the uncertainties in the correction, and increased statistical uncertainty resulting from the increased effective background.
Computer algorithms then sought out the sequence overlaps among fragments and assembled the millions of sequences.
Primarily, departments experienced difficulty in maintaining minimum staffing levels on any shift because of the five instead of four duty groups and in arranging overlaps between shifts to coincide with the peaks in local established crime patterns.
On June 28, 1996, Tax Executives Institute submitted the following comments to the Internal Revenue Service on Notice 96-18, which invited public comments on the IRS and Treasury Department's study of issues surrounding the computation of interest where overpayments and underpayments of tax liabilities overlap.
Further analysis found marked overlap between human and pig hyoids on four of six measures of shape and size, Reidenberg says.