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2000) was calculated, as follows, individuating three different patterns of coordination: a) the opposition, a coordination model in which the propulsive phase of one arm begins when the propulsive phase of the other arm ends (IdC = 0%); b) the catch-up model, when there is a time delay between the propulsion of the two arms (IdC = -n%); c) the superposition, when the propulsion of the two arms is overlayed (IdC = +n%).
Microsite photographs were digitally overlayed with a 10 x 10-cm grid in Program Jasc Paintshop Pro[C] by Corel Corporation (www.
We overlayed distributional records onto a digital model of elevation to estimate the northern distributional limit of pacas in northeastern Mexico (Fig.
From a painted design, the factory created a series of detailed wooden printing blocks, which were overlayed to print the pattern.
In support of the trend towards consumer devices in the workplace, emergent context-based services - which are location-based services overlayed with other elements, the 'context', to improve relevance, utility and efficacy - will start to be talked about and adopted more in 2012.
The cell monolayers were then washed and overlayed with medium containing different concentrations of the test substances (0.
Police found in her possession an object made from the wooden centre of a toilet-roll holder padded out with bandages and overlayed with four condoms.
If your image has a 1 cm x 1 cm grid overlayed on top of it (like the one shown in Figure 4), congratulations, you have succeeded and may print out your work.
Exhibition visitor Brian Saunders * The exhibition at the Grand Pavilion in Porthcawl * Mary Saunders visits the exhibition outlining the wind farm plans * Rob Thornhill of RWE npower * A map of the Isle of Wight has been overlayed on this map of the Bristol Channel to show how big the wind farm will be
New functionality resulting from this integration is a "reverse module," which allows the deformed part model resulting from VISI Flow warpage analysis to be overlayed onto the original CAD model in order to create a new pre-warped shape with "reverse windage" that is intended to cancel out the warpage effects.
This varied sound has been consistently overlayed with the skewed musings of their two Belfastard frontmen Pylon and Boma.
Instead of the printed code linking to a URL or download, AR codes are a launch pad or a layer ofdigital informationthat can be seen overlayed onto realitywhen a userviewsthatcodethrough a mobile phone camera or a webcam.