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Most attackers are after personal data they can sell in bulk to brokers in underground markets, or in the case of state-sponsored actors, can be overlayed with other data to provide higher fidelity of individual espionage targets.
A total of 250 mL of 80% (wt/vol) sucrose solution was pipetted into a 2 3/8-in PA ultracentrifuge tube (Beckman Coulter, Krefeld, Germany) and gently overlayed with -3 mL of 20% (wt/vol) sucrose solution.
Our artists have taken Mark Salmon's photos of the dancers and overlayed them with new motifs and patterns, to create something that is entirely new.
The method, first developed by an actor in Bavaria in 1796, used a smooth piece of limestone on which an oil-based image was drawn and overlayed with gum arabic in water.
Trial counsel showed the movement of the surveillance networks overlayed on maps of Beirut.
A Plain backgrounds will be very useful for any designers using your pictures in publications as they can easily mask out the background and use the product as a " cut out" that can be overlayed onto the page design.
a catastrophe modeling firm, plotted out wind strengths and overlayed them with the Fujita scale used to measure tornado strength.
Samples were overlayed on imagery to identify and classify water affected area.
Combined with indoor mapping, the location of specific products and deals can then be relayed to a smart phone and ultimately matched to the user's environment and overlayed to their screen.
It can be used on CPVC, wood, fiberglass pultrusions, fibercement and paper overlayed OSB, and also can be formulated with solar reflective pigment technology to help protect heat sensitive substrates.
We overlayed distributional records onto a digital model of elevation to estimate the northern distributional limit of pacas in northeastern Mexico (Fig.