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Most previous work on overlay networks can be categorized into two broad categories [10]: P2P overlays and infrastructure overlays.
With plans to replace a number of bridges and overlay dozens of miles on the county state aid highway system, the next few construction seasons would be busy for the Nobles County Public Works Department (PWD).
Overlays are still an area of exploration for network administrators, said Zeus Kerravala, principal analyst at ZK Research.
Asphalt overlays are typically used to extend the life of continuously reinforced concrete pavement (CRCP) because they can be placed in one or more layers while traffic uses the adjacent lane, and they can be opened to traffic in a short time," the Virginia team writes.
Component distributor MSC Gleichmann announced today the availability of gesture capable multi-touch screen overlays from sister company TRS Star GmbH.
Since that time, I've done quite a few surface overlays using many different metal designs--some for myself and some for others.
If patients were to obtain a chromaticity close to their individual requirement it was therefore necessary to create a set of overlays that sampled chromaticities both systematically and as comprehensively as possible.
Eliminating the need for custom overlays or the purchase of large screen comparators, the new Digital CAD Overlay automatically resizes as the operator changes the zoom magnification of the system.
That's why I opted for Gel Overlays - the less aggressive alternative to Acrylic Nails.
Such overlays have important technological and policy implications for the evolution of next generation internet architecture.
Originally offered more than two decades ago, polymer bridge overlays slowly have been gaining wide acceptance as a viable alternative to more standard bridge construction and rehabilitation materials, Thin polymer overlays can consist of methacrylate, epoxy, or polyester resins and can be applied in a variety of methods.
These two new 40" SMART Board for flat-panel display interactive overlays are touch-sensitive for large-area LCD panels.