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These students and the common man seem fed up with the overloading and frequent stops by the public transport buses.
Otherwise not only the route permits and fitness certificates of such vehicles will be cancelled but also the authorities will constrain to impound the vehicles for overloading and violating other traffic rules.
Campaign through print and electronic media is launched to create awareness among the travelers as well as general public for discouraging the tendency of overloading is regularly being done and series of stakeholders meetings in this regard have been organized by NHA during the past few years.
Meanwhile, owners of some transportation companies have confessed to overloading.
The firm's driver, Anthony White, 63, of Sandringham Road, Perry Barr, was fined pounds 75 with pounds 75 costs after admitting the overloading charge.
Overloading also inhibits the flow of water through the fabrics and around the wheel as it rotates.
North West Traffic Commissioner Beverley Bell slapped the ban on Onxy today at the end of an inquiry in Southport into overloading allegations.
Mike Rawson, head of services of Coventry Contract Services, told the commissioner overloading had not been perceived to be a problem until the investigation.
The preference for cross ply/bias tires in the CV segment in India is higher because they are retreadable and hence, more cost effective for vehicles subjected to overloading and bad road conditions.
According to official sources, On the special directives of the AJK Prime Minister Chudary Abdul Majeed, special mobile traffic squad headed by Secretary Regional Transport Authorities (RTA) at all three divisional headquarters of AJK and the traffic Police officials have been constituted to discourage the trend of overloading, overcharging and uncomfortably during journey on the part of the public transport owners.
Inspector General NH&MP said that overloading must be controlled in all respects, as it is responsible to damage the precious national roads.
The current legal system which imposes penalties on transport operators who are guilty of overloading, is not working as the fines are "ridiculously" low and does not match the damage caused to roads, according to the Roads Authority (RA).