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To a question, he said that the overloading of commercial vehicles caused major damages to highways and motorways due to fatigue failure and rutting etc.
What we need are stiffer penalties for overloading.
Managemental and chelation treatmentsare two ways to treat the transfusion related iron overloading in which our goal is to achieve a safe and sound tissue iron level (Kushner et al.
Apart from the damage caused to the road infrastructure, overloading has been found to be a major contributor to preventable road traffic accidents.
Colonel Al Jeeda said overloading is a serious traffic violation resulting in a heavy penalty including seizure of the truck.
Supersheen (Midlands) Ltd, of Tame Road industrial estate, Tame Road, Witton, was fined pounds 500 with pounds 247 costs by West Bromwich magistrates after admitting the overloading offence.
Overloading laundry machines is a huge problem in nursing homes.
A final cause of pump overloading is internal buildup due to lack of preseparation or from calcium carbonate scale deposits.
North West Traffic Commissioner Beverley Bell slapped the ban on Onxy today at the end of an inquiry in Southport into overloading allegations.
Mike Rawson, head of services of Coventry Contract Services, told the commissioner overloading had not been perceived to be a problem until the investigation.
The preference for cross ply/bias tires in the CV segment in India is higher because they are retreadable and hence, more cost effective for vehicles subjected to overloading and bad road conditions.
Senator JV Ejercito is seeking to criminalize the overloading of public utility vehicles and to impose stiffer penalties on PUV operators violating the prescribed maximum capacity of vehicles as stated in the law.