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LAHORE -- As the system continues to be overloaded owing to a lack of upgradation, it has left the Lahore Electric Supply Company (Lesco) with no option but to observe forced loadshedding in addition to the scheduled hours in the provincial capital.
According to an official posted in Lesco's Township subdivision, the forced outages are being observed owing to overloaded system.
Campaign Enterprise 9, the latest version of the field-proven email marketing software from Arial Software, introduces an elegant solution that eliminates the problem of database overload during large outbound email campaign sending.
Flows that are 2-3 times the rated flow usually cause motor overloads or belt drive failures unless the motors are oversized.
Otherwise, the system requires a vacuum relief (in-bleed) valve to limit operating vacuum levels prevent motor overload.
These are overloads to the weak side of the offensive LOS.
* overloads of information may have some relationship to schizophrenic behavior, indicated by use of withdrawal or escape as coping mechanisms (pp.
Discussions of information overload, "data glut," or "information anxiety" are abundant in popular culture but do little to shed light on the origin of this problem.
In this article, we'll take a behind-the-scenes look at your electrical system, show you how it protects you from overloads and tell you how to diagnose and prevent overloads in the future.
To guard against overloads, each "circuit" is protected by either a 15- or 20-amp circuit breaker or fuse in the main panel.
AutomationDirect has added more thermal overload relays to its motor controls lineup.
The old debate about the possibility of reducing the peak power demand that electric utilities have to meet by lowering the system voltage level by a few percent (known as a "brownout") has been rekindled by the incidence of rolling blackouts in response to overloaded transmission and distribution systems.