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'I don't think we overlooked it because this is a fund of coconut farmers, it came from them,' Drilon said, adding, 'there is a sunset clause.
They are not songs overlooked by everyone (so some people will recognize some of the songs).
For "Overlooked," Marina Wilier and her team scoured London's streets to find the most ornate and unique manhole covers--or "coal holes," as they're called in Britain.
HOW is it possible that cyclist Chris Hoy gets a knighthood while people like Bruce Forsyth and Petula Clark are once again overlooked?
Justin says: You can't bring a claim just for being overlooked for promotion, you need to be able to say your employer has breached a statute in order to do this.
In ruling for the restaurant, the court overlooked the form of the transaction (i.e., the absence of a line item for packaging on the customer receipt) and looked to the substance to determine if a resale had occurred:
But what is routinely overlooked is that no wages are paid to Americans, and no wealth is built in this country, from a steel manufacturing industry that lies across the ocean.
Most teachers do have just such a list in their heads but often the press of convention business leaves them with the feeling that something has been overlooked and the wanted item is only recalled on the way home.
It joins a growing body of similar works, all of which are valuable, if overlooked by health-care policymakers (see "Other Noteworthy Titles" at right).
Unfortunately, this fundamental of the business is often overlooked for short-term, illusory market-share goals.
But schools, which tend to focus on problems that arise on their property, and parents, who tend to assume that their children know better than they do when it comes to computers, have long overlooked it.
WITH all the pre-match debate concentrating on whether Roy Keane would be playing in his sixth FA Cup Final yesterday, I found my thoughts drifting to a hero of five finals who seems to have been overlooked in all the glowing tributes to Arsenal's historic season.