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43) Female cotton weavers in Lancashire feared losing their jobs and turned to family and kin to confront weave room overlookers, called tacklers, who sexually abused them verbally and physically.
Female spinners, facing faster speeds and additional frames to tend, cursed their young tormentors among the bobbin boys but feared sexual harassment from overlookers or senior foremen.
This at a time when the pay for the elite of textile workers, the overlookers, was 28 to 30 shillings a week (pounds 1.
The Overlookers,'' written and directed by Canadian filmmaker Christopher Warre Smet, is one of the spotlighted features at this weekend's ninth annual Antelope Valley Independent Film Festival.
The Overlookers,'' which was voted best feature last month at the Canadian Filmmakers Festival in Toronto, will show at 7:30 p.
Canadian filmmaker Christopher Warre Smets will speak about his feature ``The Overlookers,'' making its American premiere.