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Overlook Medical Center was recognized as one of Americas 100 Best Hospitals for the second year in a row.
3 : to pay no attention to : ignore <I'll overlook the mistake this time.
SHERMAN OAKS - The Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy opened its newest scenic overlook Wednesday, dedicating a crescent-shaped stop on Mulholland Drive to longtime preservationists Lotte Melhorn and her late husband, Charles Melhorn.
As in other areas of social work, this technical approach does not sit well with more flexible postmodern and social constructionist perspectives which favour more inductive, grounded approaches working from the bottom up and wariness of universalising forces which overlook local cultures and practices.
It is a warm, calm double-height galleried space that overlooks the court and through the great portal to the park.
In closing, though, if one overlooks the limitations outlined about, Pendergast's book is worthy reading for the countless insights it offers into how and why gender ideologies change in the national media.
Its cobblestone walks fountain-decorated courtyards, gourmet restaurants and terraces overlook Marigot Bay, and its beaches are right on the peninsula--Pointe des Pierres a Chaux.
In the north-east corner of the compound is the Swedish Embassy on a triangular site which overlooks the Norwegians to the west and the Finns to the south over Berger + Parkkinen's formal pool.
By restricting his analysis to middle-class youth, Neubauer overlooks what many scholars (Hendrick, Linton, Humphries, and Springhall) contend to be the major reason that the adolescent concept became a significant social fact: the fear engendered by the growing numbers and perceived precocity/independence of working-class youth in the urban environment.
In addition to the Ocean Casitas and Oceans Villas, the resort will feature 400 guest rooms, including 20 bungalows, three swimming pools, a 25,000-square-foot oceanfront spa and fitness facility overlooking the Pacific, a golf academy, children's interactive center, shoreline parks, trails and overlooks, casual and fine dining options and 6,000 square feet of boutique shops and services.
The street-level lobby overlooks the basement fitness center and Olympic-size natatorium through large glass windows.
One project is the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy plan to build new overlooks at Deep Canyon, just of Benedict Canyon, and at the Grove, an existing pull-out one mile west of the San Diego Freeway.