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But despite the obstacles, shows continue to be churned out at Pyramid/Prodigy: the turn-of-the-century family drama Beaver Creek (just think of an overly earnest CBC series) and the cash-cow action/adventure series Sword of Damacles (yes, one of those many rip-offs of Xena: Warrior Princess, Hercules or Sinbad).
This overly long catalogue, the product of a serious research effort and review of vast personal and business papers, includes both his professional activities and a very detailed accounting of his social life--paintings and monographs acquired, yachts built, trips taken, mistresses maintained, museums supported.
Plan sponsors, who more and more want to reduce or shift the expense associated with running a plan, may have an economic exposure if their plan participants make overly conservative investment selections.
But more than one quarter (27 percent) said women's voices were muted when the "woman is overly militant, combative, single-minded, or insubordinate.
Perhaps 100 years from now, our century will be judged as overly obsessed by sex, but then, we, too, are the product of our time.
The book's length is not overly intimidating, and its nine chapters are clearly enough titled to let some readers browse with comfort.
Since the source of this femininity is in God, a balance is introduced into what would otherwise be an overly masculinized view of the divine.
Because of such side effects, researchers working with biological response modifiers are cautious not to be overly optimistic about the drugs.