overly bold

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A resolution somewhat along those lines was adopted by the new CCTE Board, but the ensuing controversy and the reality that such an overly bold stance could call into question CCTE's credibility caused it to disappear from the website and it wasn't mentioned much afterwards.
This work raised justified doubts about the underlying growth model, suggesting both that expecting all capital investment to translate into economic output, and expecting all aid to be used as investment, were overly bold assumptions.
EBITDA did not live up to our overly bold forecasts but practically doubled q/q.
Although perhaps useful to the general reader, this biographical section covers familiar ground and, at times, vacillates between a cursory overview and overly bold claims.
Above all, he pushed back against constant pressure from the British for rapid action and overly bold strategy, while resisting strategic initiatives that depended on in-depth assaults on entrenched enemy forces that risked moving infantry beyond the protection of the artillery.
Taunton's clerk of the course Michael Trickey had made what he termed "a difficult decision" to abandon, adding: "It's not worth taking an overly bold decision to race in case there's an accident.
As for the selection of side-stepping wizard Williams on the wing, Hansen said, 'I don't think it's an overly bold choice, given the way Shane played against New Zealand last week.
This in turn leads to further absurdities, such as overly bold calculations that X number of infantry fired Y number of shots, of casualties, which means .