overly decorated

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This place strikes a nice balance that it's homely but not overly decorated, but it's decorated enough to make you feel special when you're coming to sit in it.
Everybody else in this posh anteroom of hell--amiably mocked by set designer Scott Pask as the overly decorated lair of a rich lady with a doting husband and a lot of time on her hands--also has a vested interest in the fate of "The Golden Egg.
For the second baby shower, Rose wore a tight multi-colored dress with roses along with an overly decorated white and blue hat, Rose looked ecstatic as she awaits the birth of her son.
In the dining room, a variety of colorful summer salads and overly decorated cupcakes adorned the table.
If your fire surround is overly decorated and dated, modernise it by paring down the frills and letting the shape speak for itself.
But not for Stuffings the cluttered, overly decorated interiors that belie the graceful elevations of many neoclassical homes.