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Above all, most previous numerical analyses were concerned with the free field-fault system and were focused on studying the fracture characteristics of the overlying soil.
This method can reflect the dynamic characteristics of loading to a limited extent and indicate the response of the overlying soil under fault movements.
28 stratum (medium-grained sandstone) is the thin overlying hard rock, nos.
1 to 4) are buried every 400 mm in the overlying soft rock, 60 mm near the thick overlying hard rock; no.
Information about the conditions of the overlying strata was obtained from borehole M4-61.
It's the first example of an ice-sealed lake that has no contact with overlying glacial ice, new meltwater, or the atmosphere.
In the only other published case of parotid gland involvement in mucormycosis (otocerebral), Macdonell et al conjectured that the disease originated in the parotid, spread through the temporal bone, and invaded the pons and cavernous sinus.[8] In that case, evidence of deep tissue involvement was documented in the absence of any compromise of the overlying skin.
At that rate, the overlying ice would traverse the lake in 16,000 to 20,000 years.
Although the base of the mass was easily dissected from the surface of the vocal ligament, the lesion was adherent to the overlying vocal fold mucosa.
If the magnetic fields associated with the neighboring parcels of gas have an orientation opposing that of the overlying fields, they can merge and cancel each other out in a process known as magnetic reconnection.