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Gould's mission is to save him from the effects of that cold and overmastering passion, which she dreads more than if it were an infatuation with another woman" (180).
This is the black sea-brute bulling through wave-wrack, Ancient as ocean's shifting hills, who in sea-toils Traveling, who furrowing the salt acres Heavily, his wake hoary behind him, Shoulders spouting, the fist of his forehead Over wastes grey-green crashing, among horses unbroken From bellowing fields, past bone-wreck of vessels, Tide-ruin, wash of lost bodies bobbing No longer sought for, and islands of ice gleaming, Who ravening the rank flood, wave- marshalling, Overmastering the dark sea-marches, finds home And harvest.
the habitual and overmastering sense of oppression and wrong"
In its largest sense, the Tale teaches a lesson about the impossibility of constraining either people or events to the kind of overmastering that characterizes chivalry" (131).
The effect of this music on the listener goes beyond being seized by an overmastering presence .
Blank, stating that "[a confidential relationship] appears when the circumstances make it certain the parties do not deal on equal terms, but, on the one side there is an overmastering influence, or, on the other, weakness, dependence or trust, justifiably reposed.
A year after her death, the North American Review was asserting that Aurora Leigh "was written, not by Elizabeth Barrett, but by Browning's wife," and made of the epic tale simply a "story of love, as it lay concealed in the heart of a woman, to rise in overmastering strength at the fulness of time.
25) Indeed, Mooney concluded, "The great overmastering fact in the history of the Siouan tribes of the east is that of their destruction by the Iroquois.
11) However, her overmastering desire for male approval limits her price-fixing.
pacta sunt servanda], by the arbitrary will of a strong and overmastering Power.