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Saab has received a contract from the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to perform research for the Massive Overmatch Assault Round (MOAR) study, the company announced on October.
We must work to achieve and sustain overmatch at the tip of the spear--where we need it the most.
The result will be overmatch at the lowest level--where it matters the most.
The Encarta Dictionary defines overmatch as having the ability to be superior enough to defeat or surpass somebody or something.
Even more important, his squad will all be on the network, which will allow the squad's senior commanders to provide enablers to the squad's fight as required and create that environment of overmatch.
and supports Soldiers through the development and production of current and future individual and crew served weapon systems, ammunition development, and associated target acquisition/fire control products that provide Soldiers with decisive overmatch capability by dramatically increasing lethality and range at a lower weight.
The M2A3 Bradley emerged as a result of a threat and capabilities assessment, designed to ensure that the Infantry can overmatch the threat on the future battlefield.
The M2A3 insures overmatch by increasing the ability to acquire, identify, and engage over the A2 ODS, in both day and night operations.