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That is the view that was behind all the overoptimism displayed in Figure 6 showing expected rate increases that never materialized.
Focusing primarily on management within DoD and on the interface with industry, Gansler addresses "optimistic planning," but does not directly address the source of fiscal overoptimism.
The sine qua non of a bubble is marketwide overoptimism about future house prices.
Jolls and Sunstein argue that requiring manufacturers to provide disclosures with a specific account of someone who was harmed by smoking might correct smokers' overoptimism bias and lead to better consumer decisions.
Note that this period occurred just after a period of high volume and high underpricing experienced by this industry, so that the author concludes that the initial overoptimism that caused this "hot market" was reduced and valuations became more "rational".
While they cautioned against overoptimism regarding the date of electing a president or his name, the sources attributed the reasons for signs of a solution to the presidential crisis to what Girault had heard during his recent fourth meeting with Iranian officials in Tehran.
Robert Letzler & Joshua Tasoff, Everyone Believes in Redemption: Nudges and Overoptimism in Costly Task Completion (Feb.
Third, in Study 2, by using a hypothetical scenario, we showed that a reduction in overoptimism in an abstract construal level condition could be observed across different tasks.
They find little evidence that these individuals acted as if they believed that housing was overvalued; this points to overoptimism affecting both their personal and professional decisions, rather than distorted incentives specific to their activities in mortgage securitization, as a driver of the housing bubble.
We performed 1000 bootstraps to adjust for the overoptimism that can occur (22) when model fit is tested in the same data in which models are described and to furnish 95% CIs.