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Workers who laid the concrete on the fallen section of the overpass worked for Rajat Bakshi, a man with no apparent qualifications in the construction business other than that he is the cousin of a former state legislator, Sanjay Bakshi, who is close to the state's chief minister, Mamata Banerjee.
Beltline, between Barger and the overpass, was closed for about 75 minutes after the initial accident call shortly after 6:30 a.
Dogan also obtained closed-circuit TV footage showing a white van on the overpass, with large holes in its windshield, apparently damaged in the explosion.
Euler said the city considered replacing the overpass, but building a new structure was priced at almost $13 million.
Var of teams while taking preventive measures around the overpass
The overpass has been chosen by the Cyprus Architects Association to represent the island with nine other projects in the European competition 'Mies Van Der Rohe'.
Perrin said the overpass had been studied for about two years and is expected to reduce delays and improve safety.
The most notorious video captured from beneath an overpass came in April 1991 when two photojournalists attempted to outrun a tornado along the Kansas Turnpike and eventually sought shelter beneath a highway overpass.
Spokesman for the Jeddah municipality Muhammad Al-Boqami said the responsibility of the municipality is limited to removing cars parked illegally below the overpass.
The dead included a woman who was driving a commuter bus that was trapped under the overpass, they said.
The overpass traverses a major thoroughfare and is almost four miles from the 58,170-seat Estadio Mineirao where the World Cup games are being played in Belo Horizonte.
Belo Horizonte: An unfinished overpass being built for the World Cup collapsed in Brazil's southeastern city of Belo Horizonte on Thursday, killing at least two people and injuring 19.