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This video gave the impression to the public that overpasses are safe.
Randall said he's been known to hang signs on as many as 50 overpasses from San Diego to San Francisco.
The I-5 raising work will allow the overpasses to accommodate trucks up to 16 feet, 2 inches high.
Some of the structures include bridges and overpasses at Beverly and First streets in Glendale, Riverside Drive and Foothill Boulevard in Tujunga, and structures over the Los Angeles River on Winnetka, Tampa and Hyperion avenues, Glendale Boulevard and Vanowen Street.
One measure has provided for going for the construction of several overpasses at key road junctions and crossroads around the city.
The city has spent about $33 million over the past 13 years on overpass projects, installing overpasses across Sierra Highway and the railroad tracks at avenues H and L, and over the freeway, also at avenues H and Avenue L.
VENETA - When it comes to overpasses, this town had been passed over.
Establish a system for collecting and storm sewer drainage of rainwater from the surface discharge overpasses public network town, in length of 1304 m;
JEDDAH: MD AL-SULAMIThe Makkah Municipality plans to replace 24 signal lights and roundabouts with overpasses or underpasses to ease traffic flow in the city.
Bulgaria's capital is going to start building several overpasses by the end of 2010, announced Mayor Yordanka Fandakova reversing a decision from March 2010 to freeze the infrastructure projects.
The city has put in overpasses across Sierra Highway and railroad tracks at avenues L and H, and over the Antelope Valley Freeway, also at avenues H and Avenue L.
A neophyte lawmaker has filed a bill mandating that all pedestrian overpasses be properly constructed to guarantee the safety of the public and protect them from inclement weather.