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OVERPLUS. What is left beyond a certain amount; the residue, the remainder of a thing. The same as Surplus. (q.v.)
     2. The overplus may be certain or uncertain. It is certain, for example, when an estate is worth three thousand dollars, and the owner asserts it to be so in his will, and devises of the proceeds one thousand dollars to A, one thousand dollars to B, and the overplus to C, and in consequence of the deterioration of the estate, or from some other cause, it sells for less than three thousand dollars, each of the legatees A, B and C shall take one third: the overplus is uncertain where, for example, a testator does not know the value of his estate, and gives various legacies and the overplus to another legatee; the latter will be entitled only to what may be left. 18 Ves. 466. See Residue; Surplus.

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On the contrary, one regrets that he often eschewed any areas of flat or abstract colour, and pestered and dabbled his ornate odalisques and his lanky ladies of leisure with an overplus of hectic, jarring pattern, as in three of these paintings from Baltimore.
As stated by Corporal Peters, "When the male guard-room will hold no more, the overplus has to be provided for on the female side.
I would be the last who would wish to abridge the poor of their present wages, were they any real advantage to them, but I am fully persuaded their case is otherwise; for idleness and profligacy are the certain consequences; the poor in general, are not provident, they only wish to live: if they can earn more money than will procure them a decent subsistence, the overplus is spent foolishly and wantonly which occasions considerable loss of time to them and labor to the manufacturer.
uses balanc'd; also overburthened, over-charg'd, over-commend, over-great, over-hardned, overheare, over-praise, over-strayning, over-throw, over-tooke, over-turne, over-worthinesse, overblowne, overcome, overdone, overflow, overmuch, overpining, overplus, overreaches.
Berger deserves the highest praise for raising the question of the textual overplus, especially since he gives an account, via the idea of complicity, of its genesis.
Hotspur's overplus of fervor compel wonder and curiosity.
By the year 2008, China's annual production capacity of alumina will approach 33 million tons; along with the release of alumina production capacity in 2007, the global alumina market will enter an overplus cycle.