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OVERPLUS. What is left beyond a certain amount; the residue, the remainder of a thing. The same as Surplus. (q.v.)
     2. The overplus may be certain or uncertain. It is certain, for example, when an estate is worth three thousand dollars, and the owner asserts it to be so in his will, and devises of the proceeds one thousand dollars to A, one thousand dollars to B, and the overplus to C, and in consequence of the deterioration of the estate, or from some other cause, it sells for less than three thousand dollars, each of the legatees A, B and C shall take one third: the overplus is uncertain where, for example, a testator does not know the value of his estate, and gives various legacies and the overplus to another legatee; the latter will be entitled only to what may be left. 18 Ves. 466. See Residue; Surplus.

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except the value of the overplus of harvest and produce remaining in their hands after having deducted and reserved a due and full provision for their own subsistence .
it was quite filled up by ffriday noon and there Was 50000 L overplus.
The title might suggest to the unwary that in ancient times one could drop in at a bookseller and buy a codex containing such a collection, or that these collected texts have the kind of relationship to the canonical New Testament that the overplus of the Greek Bible had to the Hebrew Bible - the overplus to which St Jerome gave the name `Apocrypha' or secret books, though there was nothing secret about them.
Using the information on the inventory of trade goods, furs obtained, commodities traded and the overplus (the bundle of goods freed up by paying the Indians below the official standard) generated from the various account books, the Company created indices for comparing one agent's performance with the performance of any other (Ray and Freeman, ch.
uses balanc'd; also overburthened, over-charg'd, over-commend, over-great, over-hardned, overheare, over-praise, over-strayning, over-throw, over-tooke, over-turne, over-worthinesse, overblowne, overcome, overdone, overflow, overmuch, overpining, overplus, overreaches.
Berger deserves the highest praise for raising the question of the textual overplus, especially since he gives an account, via the idea of complicity, of its genesis.
And if eny man or woman be in will to sell his herytage within the fraunchyse, the next of hys kyn shall have it afore all other: and though the sale be made to any straunger, yf eny man that be of kyn come in to the courte anone as he hath knowlege of the sale and cleyme the bargayne, he shall have it by awarde of the mayre and juratts and lesse pryce be every pownde xijd, of the which overplus the seller shall answer to the straunger.
Hotspur's overplus of fervor compel wonder and curiosity.
2) The cry offers a distinction between human subsistence and the overplus that makes someone feel who he or she is.
Whoever hath her wish, thou hast thy Will, And Will to boot, and Will in overplus.