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Depending on how you choose to look at the pet overpopulation problem in California, there are either 500,000 or 250 million good reasons to try to do something constructive to solve it.
Ideally, if enough people took on the task of identifying and caring for feral cat colonies, the overpopulation problem would take care of itself within a few years, Kuhn said.
Not only does spaying/neutering have a significant impact on reducing overpopulation, but this procedure can ensure that your dog or cat has a longer, healthier life.
Croix is a Caribbean island that suffers from a severe dog and cat overpopulation crisis.
What we are not satisfied with is the overpopulation and that is why efforts are being made to increase the number of cells.
We simply have a huge problem in the state with pet overpopulation," he said.
The organization strives to reduce the pet overpopulation problem by increasing awareness of programs available to pet owners and homeless pets, funded through the sale of the Official Florida Animal Spay and Neuter License Plate.
Michelle Roache, the department's deputy director of enforcement and outreach, said her department's mission is educating the public about animal overpopulation.
I have seen how habitat is manipulated to increase deer and goose numbers and therefore create the excuse that hunting is needed to control overpopulation.
If we continue on our present course, it is certain that before the end of the next century humankind will suffer from fundamental disturbances such as overpopulation, global warming, and shortages of food and water.
The evidence comes from an investigation of seven fetal elephants found inside females that were shot to reduce overpopulation in a South African park.
This, he said, can be one answer to the overpopulation problem.