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His brother Mujahid Hussain was also shot by the gunman when he tried to overpower him,' the police investigating officer said.
As law enforcement tried to overpower the terrorist, a police officer's weapon apparently fell to the floor.
But Red Crescent paramedics failed to overpower her and at last a first-aid unit from Shahar General Hospital for Mental Health came in and managed to take her to hospital.
1 : to overpower with too much light <The desert sunlight dazzled us.
CS spray was used and the officers were able to overpower and arrest the man with the equipment they had.
At least one broken arm and some smashed windows were not enough to overpower the skating, however, with hot shoe Nick Trapasso stealing the show, and Harmony, Layton, and the Butcher ripping competently.
As four women answer in movement, the frozen men still overpower the stage, a magnetic force that draws the women closer.
Kilcoyne had loaded the gun with only three bullets--just in case anyone ever managed to overpower him and use it against him.
The device provides only the amount of attenuation that is needed and continues to pass a portion of the incident signal during the overpower event.
If you tell a story, does she always have to overpower the airwaves with her more exciting, more scary or more embarrassing story?
The flight attendant reportedly used defence techniques learnt after the 11 September 2001 terrorist attacks to overpower the man, who was then restrained by crew members and passengers.