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Senior Nairobi police officer Moses Ombati told the BBC the patients had staged a protest, before overpowering guards and escaping.
Sydney: A former sailor was jailed Monday for more than three years after overpowering a guard and stealing a cache of weapons from an Australian navy vessel.
"At that stage they became aware of an overpowering smell of cannabis," said Mr Gardner.
The wee kick added by the brandy flavour wasn't in the least bit overpowering. The cake was nicely decorated with white icing and colourful holly leaves.
The fine line between sales and branding has been crossed by the current league of brand mangers and strategy planners in order to meet their eagerness in overpowering competitive brands in the market."
"Sometimes coffee chocolates are too overpowering but that was nice with just a hint."
A brutally candid account, narrated in the form of disjoint non-chronological yet overpowering personal memories.
Motion capture, animation, and video (by Maya Ciarocchi and Vita Berezina-Blackburn) played a vital thematic and aesthetic role without overpowering the dance.
* A huge desk can be overpowering in a home office; choose something in proportion.
The practice often has a deleterious effect in developing countries, overpowering local producers or discouraging expanded agricultural development.
Flavours were not too strong or overpowering and it made a change to find such a good tasting still drink
It also contains a lesson in trust because in the end the characters encounter both a harsh betrayal and an overpowering loyalty.