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Spreads were overpoweringly wide as they swiveled their heads.
See THOMAS NAGEL, War and Massacre, in MORTAL QUESTIONS 53, 56 (1979) (acknowledging that "it may become impossible to adhere to an absolutist position" when "utilitarian considerations favoring violation are overpoweringly weighty and extremely certain"); Alexander & Moore, supra note 80 (noting the distinction between threshold deontology and more absolutist positions).
Charcoal carpets and rugs have a rich look to them and good lighting stops them from being overpoweringly dark and instead makes them feel rich and luxurious.
Joyce's novel is prone to sentimentality, while the overpoweringly good intentions of its hero can seem a little pious.
He overpoweringly won in Egypt's second largest city, the Mediterranean port of Alexandria, doubling Morsi's showing, even though the city is considered a stronghold of Islamists.
This, the work implies, is hardly mere gesture: Meisner, who grew up feeling overpoweringly guilty over the death of his brother, and who taught acting in the wake of the Great Depression, which left many feeling at the mercy of external events, had a vested interest in a style of acting that would bypass the subjective mind and its sense of responsibility.
This is overpoweringly visible in print, on television and radio, on billboards and everywhere else.
everything seems much more cramped and overpoweringly red/orange.
The depiction of Iran as a nuclear nightmare and as a global threat is only a saga manufactured by Washington in order to smother a voice so overpoweringly critical of the myriad morbid policies of a government whose American dream is dead and gone.
Jose Luis Portela: I'm currently based in Santiago but I travel a lot and I really appreciate Santiago's marvelous climate, especially the summer with its long, sunny but not overpoweringly hot days and pleasantly cooler nights.
But at the same time, if the whole-school environment is overpoweringly oriented to reflect back the codes of the dominant culture, a black student who is untutored in those codes, and whose burgeoning personal identity is interwoven with a non-dominant minority culture, is apt to be getting a very different message.
India and Pakistan overpoweringly account for most of the weapons, i.