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McIntyre's steely-eyed Tess, the Peggy Guggenheim-like art patron, appears in only one scene - but in it, she completely overpowers the callow deceivers.
not the entire amount, as too much nori will impart a "fishy" taste that overpowers.
The wanted man grabs a passing woman, and, as Chief Inspector Derek Conway (Ben Roberts) and Gilmore try to reason with him, the not-so-helpless damsel in distress (who, as luck would have it, happens to be Bradford) executes a swift karate chop and overpowers her assailant.
Peter Lobello's scenic design, particularly the fleur-de-lis-covered scrim of Juliet's bedroom, overpowers, while Robert Wierzel's lights leave patches of murk on the cavernous stage of the Palace Theatre.