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So a ruminative period wouldn't go amiss when England fans continue to overpraise the current players.
Bobrick says that it would be hard to overpraise the literary merits of what Tyndale had done: "Much of his rendering would later be incorporated in the Authorized or King James Version, and the rhythmical 'beauty of his prose .
Since "The Third Miracle" is so much better than Hollywood's usual "take" on the subject, I'm tempted to overpraise it.
The Usual Suspects' all-star, chemistry-free cast, bogus plot twist, and insipid dialogue somehow inspired rote overpraise.
Robinson is too conscientious a journalist to overpraise his larger-than-life subject.
The manager apparently liked what he saw of the young man against Tottenham, but made sure he didn't overpraise him.
7) Don't overpraise It's important to praise your child when they've done something well as it encourages them to repeat the behaviour.
So while most critics - or at least those above the thumbs-up/thumbs- down level of reviewing - are loath to admit it, many will overpraise some films and undervalue others and, in retrospect, wish they had done the opposite.
While this makes it very easy for the film to warm the cockles and other mushy regions of those who'll overpraise anything that massages them into feeling good (this means you, academy voter), it's a dishonest approach to telling a story that's supposed to be about real people's issues and triumphs.
That said, I have tried to avoid the slobbering overpraise critics of my age group have lavished upon Cameron Crowe's movie memoir about an adolescent Rolling Stone reporter on the road with a midlevel rock band.
To overpraise Coventry for beating them is a danger; I think Fairbrother is going to have to steel himself against a few more disappointments in the coming months.
While it is impossible to overpraise the visual splendor of Disney's first, in-house computer-animated feature, ``Dinosaur,'' it is definitely possible to overquibble the film's story points to something nearing extinction.