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Overpraise provides a measure of compensation for critics deprived of the experience of living in more vital times.
Janusz Rosikon is a distinguished photographer, and it would be hard to overpraise his accomplishment here.
But she's equally at odds with anyone who likes trash a little bit too much, likes it enough to think that "trash" is perhaps a term of doubtful use: "If an older generation was persuaded to dismiss trash, now a younger generation, with the press and schools in hot pursuit, has begun to talk about trash as if it were really very serious art." It doesn't help that her examples of yesterday's kitsch now mistaken for art are Shanghai Express and--amazingly for someone who would go on to grossly overpraise the Hitchcock imitations of Brian De Palma--Notorious.
Teachers often overpraise students for everyday tasks and behaviors that do not merit a verbal reward.
"Sometimes if you're not sure of something, you have to hit a deadline, it's possible you'll overpraise it," he says.
John Stuart Mill's mother having been a mere "drudge," Mill's overpraise of his later wife "reads like the mournful [sic] tribute of a man in search of a woman he could unconditionally adore as he could never adore his real mother" (p.
Given the richness and complexity of the period which Pyman has described and analysed with acute intelligence and insight, it is difficult to overpraise her achievement.
I do think of the children and know that to overpraise a book does them a disservice.
Gass once wrote in commenting on an especially well-turned Barthelmean period, "it is impossible to overpraise such a sentence." The mix here of Rolling Stone interview jargon and schizoid parataxis (common to serial killers speaking viva voce and mob figures mouthing dialogue in films like Bugsy and Hoffa) constitutes an edgy lead-in to a historically original neo-trash phenomenon.
It's difficult to overpraise these books, first published in the 1960s and now reprinted in paperback, that together give you as thorough and vital a portrait of the Colorado Plateau--its geology, and natural and human history--as can be found anywhere.