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Even overpraising gifted kids can backfire, giving them the sense that they've already accomplished enough and so deadening their desire to push themselves further.
By overpraising the value of cigarettes Klein hopes "to restore what has been immoderately debased" (18).
But such overpraising risks worsening student psychology by conveying low expectations or by sending the message that ability rather than effort and strategy matter the most.
In reviewing "All Shook Up," it was as if the Gotham crix had never forgiven themselves for overpraising another catalogue tuner, "Mamma Mia
Overpraising actually diminishes the child's effort by giving an unrealistic view of his or her own efforts.
In his 11 months at The Reddings, I cannot recall Lewis coming near to overpraising the Moseley side.
It is not overpraising, either, to call Burkett a genius; "Street of Blood" is awesome in its weaving together a complex story, a huge cast and a sense of magic that reminds one what theater ought to be -- a rarely is.