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On July 12, they also purchased 50 packs of DELTAMAX fogging chemical worth P162,500 from M4RJ Trading at P3,250 per pack, even though the amount is overpriced since it is only P650 in the market.
The foreign firms said many of the Iranian products were substandard and, since they did not face foreign competition, were often grossly overpriced.
The findings show that less than 40% of home movers will view a property, which they consider is overpriced, with the intention of putting in a lower offer.
If a listing is overpriced, it can languish on the market for as long as the seller has patience.
Even our taxes go up to pay for all the federal, state, and local government purchases of overpriced fuel.
From learning how to walk away from the "touts" that try to lure tourists into overpriced stores (overpriced because the store must pay the tout a 10% to 40% commission for the service
Even before the era of Wal-Mart domination and surging gas prices, it would have been no surprise that prices and perceptions of some things being overpriced would take the top spot on any list of consumer concerns and irritants.
In point of fact, had you a fraction of the success in writing and publishing that the Kovels have had, you could buy any house you wanted in the overpriced Washington, D.
Q: My competitor is telling prospects that we're overpriced and can't control quality because we install with subs.
Online customer service company Web Mystery Shoppers International Inc has completed a study showing that shoppers find florist web sites overpriced.
By subtly modifying the concept of hipness to embrace owning a fashionable, overpriced stock rather than owning a fashionable, overpriced athletic shoe, Wall Street could attract a whole new generation of investors.