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The senior learning officer at the Battle of Bannockburn visitor centre has disputed the claims that the 1314 conflict was 'overrated'.
PHOTO | ABIGAIL ARUNGA class="MsoNormalBut you know where is overrated? Bao Box.
"A little overrated, I think they are sometimes," he told the Swedish media.
And Fowler then repeated the trick on the first hole of sudden death to claim his second PGA Tour title in the week he and Ian Poulter were voted the most overrated players by their peers in an anonymous survey conducted by Sports Illustrated.
Although he is agreeable to a certain extent with the duo, Chappell, however, said that he believed that experience is overrated, as a lot of players who have been around for any length of time and are still not progressing in their own game may not be the right players at all.
Duffy also explains why he believes won-loss straight up record is extremely overrated. He shares his insight on what pro bettors exploit as key indicators for the betting spread outcome.
Jackson claimed Greene made the comments about the Americans being overrated at the world championships press conference last year in South Korea.
Mattis' assertion in the August 2009 article "Future of War" that technological superiority is "overrated." While agreeing that technological superiority by itself does not guarantee victory, I know of no warrior who would prefer to be technologically inferior.
NEW YORK - Is Stonehenge overrated? Too many people at Machu Picchu?
ARSENE WENGER believes mind games between rival managers are "overrated" and has limited impact on what teams do on the pitch.
No sign of any of those overpaid, overrated, so-called athletes, which we know as footballers.
AM I alone in thinking these Olympic winners are highly overrated?