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Philip Roth's 27th book, Everyman, was ranked third on the list of overrated works.
In my opinion, "beaver fever" is not overrated where caution is concerned.
Johannesburg, Mar 1 ( ANI ): Former wicket keeper Moin Khan has urged the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) to sack national team coach, Dav Whatmore, whom he branded overrated, following their 3-0 Test humiliation against South Africa.
Garcia's father Angel told a press conference in Los Angeles: "Khan is an overrated fighter.
Room 205 SOMEWHAT overrated singer is interrupted in the middle of a gushing speech by an extremely overrated comedian.
Abiyola Khadija Nijam I personally think its very overrated.
Did he need the run, is he a much better horse at Cheltenham, is Weird Al the real deal or have I simply overrated him?
All you overpaid, overrated football and rugby players take note.
Is newsletter testing overrated as a marketing tool?
magazine: "Noel Gallagher is an overrated guitarist losing grip on his credibility who just has to fire shots on his way down.
Batting average, just a component of both, was vastly overrated when compared to drawing walks and hitting for power; 1970s catcher Gene Tenace, with his low batting average and high walk numbers, was never considered the offensive equivalent of his singles-hitting counterpart Manny Sanguillen, when in fact Tenace was his run-producing superior by a wide margin.
Trudeau was an arrogant and much overrated person and his multiculturalism is badly flawed.