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Considering the question with this assumption in mind, Congress' failure to reference [section] 2000e-3 [the retaliation provisions] specifically in [section] 107 [the section of the 1991 CRA overriding Price Waterhouse] would not mean that [section] 107 does not apply in retaliation cases; rather, it would mean that Congress assumed that it was unnecessary for it to do so because courts would borrow the "motivating factor" language in deciding retaliation claims.
Debate on the question of overriding a veto takes place under the hour rule.
An inescapable conclusion is that the Tax Court will allow the IRS more discretion in converting a taxpayer from the cash method than it will in overriding other accounting rules.
TEI believes that the overriding goal in treaty negotiations should be to create as level a "playing field" as possible.
There is no resolution overriding [the veto] from the House.