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Considering the question with this assumption in mind, Congress' failure to reference [section] 2000e-3 [the retaliation provisions] specifically in [section] 107 [the section of the 1991 CRA overriding Price Waterhouse] would not mean that [section] 107 does not apply in retaliation cases; rather, it would mean that Congress assumed that it was unnecessary for it to do so because courts would borrow the "motivating factor" language in deciding retaliation claims.
An inescapable conclusion is that the Tax Court will allow the IRS more discretion in converting a taxpayer from the cash method than it will in overriding other accounting rules.
MHLP alleged that Pioneer's agreement with Woodside violated the terms of the conveyance of the net overriding royalty interest to the Partnership and that Pioneer, together with Woodside, concealed and/or reduced the value of the royalty interest and worked to terminate the Trust prematurely and to capture for itself and Woodside profits that belong to the Trust.
In the absence of an agreement by the overriding Contracting State to restore the balance of treaty benefits following an override, the other Contracting State should be permitted to terminate the treaty or to take such other action as permitted under international law.
El Paso closed the acquisition of our working interest in the properties effective April 1, 2004; however, a dispute arose as to whether the preferential right applied to overriding royalty interests.
Photo: (1--ran in AV edijtion only--color) ``I don't lik e to sign off on overriding concerns.
ACOR's working interest and overriding royalty interest are located offshore & onshore in the best producing basins.
By overriding the mayor's budget, the council made it clear that it intends to exercise its authority under the city charter as ``the governing body of the city.
The Company will take advantage of its publicly traded status to earn net revenue and/or overriding royalty positions in energy production opportunities focused on in-field development, shut-in and reworking projects for oil and gas wells in proven fields.
Petroleum Corporation owns overriding royalty interests ranging from 1.
Petroleum Corporation overriding royalty interests of 1% on leases obtained by Wildhorse Operating Company with net revenue interests of 81.