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It must of course deal with the local, access and environmental aspects, but it must overridingly take account of the need to build stronger business links with China, India and other Asian countries.
International experience has shown that no health care system can be managed solely on free-market principles, (16) yet health care in China is overridingly market driven.
For BRMC the gig had the air of a warm up slot; though admittedly you'd be pressed to find anything overridingly negative about their performance.
The overridingly diachronic structure of the volume makes for clarity and allows readers to quickly gain an overview of some of Doblin's more demanding works.
In the final analysis, this preoccupation with family and parental love as the source of all human values overridingly attests to Morrison's distinct humanist credentials.
National recommendations and clinicians' views also turned out to differ over the ethically troubling but commonly accepted distinction between "ordinary" and "extraordinary treatments," over "the doctrine of double effect" (which allows a physician to take an action that, while overridingly beneficial, may also have a foreseeable yet unintended negative effect), and over the withdrawal of artificial nutrition and hydration.
Suddenly we realize that, although he is obviously extolling what is an overridingly Western conception of the world, with little explicit allowance made for what is African, or Arab, or Latin American, or Indian, we realize that he says that education should map out the universe, thus letting slip the notion that even an English or Western identity wasn't enough, wasn't at bottom, or at best, what education and freedom were all about, which are about "the universe.
However, there is one worthy metric in contract administration that overridingly seems to capture the attention at the highest levels of government: the media broadcasting of embarrassing news stories whenever contracts fail to self-regulate.
In the absence of strong parties--none with a countrywide presence following the virtual disintegration of the Muslim League--and of a popularly elected national parliament, the Governor-General's office, occupied by a career bureaucrat named Ghulam Mohammad, became overridingly important during the 1950s, and was the prime source of authoritarian meddling in the political process, including repeated dismissal of prime ministers and cabinets.
But councillor Patrick Heesom said: ``The issues are that the scale of the investment in Airbus and to a lesser extent at Mostyn are so overridingly in the public interest that the necessary dredging has to be available.