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Enough judges have applied to oversee the constitutional referendum on 15 December to enable it to go ahead according to Vice-President Mahmoud Mekki.
For example, a committee member or task group can be assigned to oversee rules and procedures.
An institution (or non-profit offshoot) runs a Request for Proposal process and finds a company that will pay for and oversee a planned development.
The committee recognized that members may have needed more clarity as to its intent with respect to the degree of "competence" the individual designated by the client to oversee the nonattest service is expected to possess.
Richard Freeman will continue to oversee the Financial Markets and International Banking and Finance sections.
While Mills continued to oversee and nurture relationships the NBA had with different basketball entities around the world, he also managed all the programs that the NBA sponsored to help transition players from college or high school into the NBA.
Susan Mason, senior vice president, with the assistance of Ricardo Da Cruz, associate, will oversee leasing at the two buildings.
Responsibilities: He oversees strategic initiatives for Merrill's International Private Client business.
One of Natt's first responsibilities will be to oversee the integration of Oxford's new acquisition, Connecticut-based MedSpan Inc.
Massey will oversee three branches of the division: Financial Systems, Telecommunications, and Security, Systems & Data Center.