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Only Thedora is acting as my servant, together with Bwikov's valet, who oversees everything, but has been absent for the past three days.
Vice-President Mahmoud Mekki said that enough judges have applied to oversee the constitutional referendum.
He will oversee and further develop the core disciplines of the group.
In 1995 Ohio State and the city of Columbus formed Campus Partners, a nonprofit entity, to evaluate and oversee revitalization in the University District.
This role can be filled by the central committee and especially those who oversee the 8 cornerstones of safety management.
In addition, the committee agreed to replace the term (client) "employee" with "individual" to clarify that the person designated by the client to oversee the service could be the owner of the company or an individual outside the company such as an outsourced bookkeeper or controller.
Thomas Connors will continue to oversee the Advanced Foreign Economies and Emerging Market Economies sections, as well as the Administrative Office.
In April 2004 it issued The Nominating Process and Corporate Governance Committees: Principles and Commentary, which offers guidance to public companies on empowering independent governance committees to oversee director nominations, board operations arm corporate governance issues.
Mills was tapped to oversee the execution and development of these events--the first of which was the inaugural McDonald's Championship where an NBA team (the Milwaukee Bucks) competed against a team from the former Soviet Union.
Prior to joining Oversee, she was the Chief Technology Officer at Internet Brands (INET).
The real estate investment trust tapped the company to oversee leasing at CenterPointe II and CenterPointe IV, located at 1160 and 1140 Route 22 East, respectively.
Stephen DeCesari, a 27-year veteran, will be promoted to commander and will oversee the Ventura jail and the East County booking facility.