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"I can't imagine that he was a very satisfactory overseer," I said, smiling.
`Who would have thought that the overseer of my plantation on the peninsula, to whom I lent two hundred francs, had genius?
If he could have known that he was an orphan, left to the tender mercies of church-wardens and overseers, perhaps he would have cried the louder.
Throwing away the stump of a cigar, the planter rose, saying: "I forgot to tell Andrew about those horses." Andrew was the overseer.
"God be thanked," thought the overseer, "the storm has blown over!"
The prince turned round to the overseer and fixed his eyes on him, frowning.
'Long at fust my marster say de good word for me to de overseer, but dat 'uz bad for me; for de mistis she fine it out, en arter dat I jist ketched it at every turn--dey warn't no mercy for me no mo'."
I have spoken of Rataziaev's "The Station Overseer".
As if whips, chains, thumb-screws, paddles, blood- hounds, overseers, drivers, patrols, were not all in- dispensable to keep the slaves down, and to give protection to their ruthless oppressors!
They herd together like animals and do the work of animals; but in spite of the armed overseer, the dirt and the rags, the meals of potatoes washed down by weak vinegar and water, I am beginning to believe that they would strongly object to soap, I am sure they would not wear new clothes, and I hear them coming home from their work at dusk singing.
Nobody could do anything with him; and he was sold round from overseer to overseer, till at last Alfred bought him, because he thought he could manage him.
He had chosen overseers with that swift and intuitive insight into character which in his case amounted almost to genius.