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Nobody could do anything with him; and he was sold round from overseer to overseer, till at last Alfred bought him, because he thought he could manage him.
Long at fust my marster say de good word for me to de overseer, but dat 'uz bad for me; for de mistis she fine it out, en arter dat I jist ketched it at every turn--dey warn't no mercy for me no mo'.
As if whips, chains, thumb-screws, paddles, blood- hounds, overseers, drivers, patrols, were not all in- dispensable to keep the slaves down, and to give protection to their ruthless oppressors
I can't imagine that he was a very satisfactory overseer," I said, smiling.
God be thanked," thought the overseer, "the storm has blown over
The overseer wouldn't believe him when he said the valley air would be his death--and the negroes, who might otherwise have helped him, all avoided a man whom they knew to be under a spell.
In another field, beyond the pasture, a dozen slaves were at work under an overseer.
He got a post as overseer on an estate in Jamaica, but money to pay for his passage he had none.
A man named Abelwhite, who had come out there as an indigo- planter, wanted an overseer to look after his coolies and keep them up to their work.
At the age of twenty-seven, abandoning the hope which he had already begun to cherish of becoming the national poet of Scotland, he had determined in despair to emigrate to Jamaica to become an overseer on a plantation.
The overseer lives with them, and has a loaded revolver in his pocket and a savage dog at his heels.
but as they are not born here, my husband and the other overseer says we shall not be obliged to keep them.