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He expressed these views while chairing a meeting of District Oversees Pakistanis Committee here at DCO office.
In 1995 Ohio State and the city of Columbus formed Campus Partners, a nonprofit entity, to evaluate and oversee revitalization in the University District.
gov) Oversees Medicare Advantage, the managed-care Medicare program.
Iaco's direction in the New York tri-state region, Julie Barrett will oversee advertising, publications, graphics and internal communications; Andrew Judd will oversee presentations, proposals, business development materials and property marketing, and Melanie Keenan will oversee media relations.
In the Big Apple, Mills oversees the NBA's New York Knicks, as well as the NHL's Bangers and the WNBA's Liberty--some $700 million in assets, as estimated by Sports Illustrated.
BURBANK - The Police Department has hired one of its own to oversee the city's animal shelter, ending more than a year of searching for someone to fill the post.
Responsibilities: She oversees all of State Street's equity investments and leads a team of more than 50 portfolio managers, analysts, and traders, bringing over 15 years of experience to one of the nation's oldest investment managing firms.
She oversees media relations, advertising, and special-event planning.
O'Donnell said Howard of the Street Maintenance Bureau may be making more than some bureau heads in other cities, but he oversees a staff and budget that is larger than those overseen by the Los Angeles city clerk and librarian, who are paid more.
Responsibilities: Oversees the company's capital investments and operational initiatives affecting service quality in New England.
With dedicated offices in France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Miami (Latin America), the People's Republic of China, Russia, Spain and the United Kingdom, SPTI currently oversees production in nine regions of the world and is the leader in international television production among all major Hollywood studios.