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To understand why some people are at a higher risk, Dr Hattawi said that some people become oversensitive to allergens.
Some people became so oversensitive to the risk of of fending SOMEONE they feared upsetting ANYONE.
And now to crown a barmy week the golly has been removed from jam pots probably because it is felt it might upset the oversensitive.
Benjamin, a country boy, works as a cab-driver for his uncle night and day, partly to support himself and Stella, and partly to kill the boredom in his passionless, though not loveless, relationship with Stella, an oversensitive, somewhat depressive, and introverted woman, whom the reader gets to know primarily through extracts from her diary.
s White House a tad oversensitive about press treatment of the president?
As Lee tinkered with the oversensitive gizmo back in Mississippi, lab conversation drifted to speculation on whether fire ants make noises and what they'd sound like if they did.
The devices also are not prone to illness or becoming oversensitive to certain odors.
If we do, people may become oversensitive," Science, Technology and Environment Minister Law Hieng Ding was quoted saying.
My take had been wrong, overcomplicated, oversensitive and overanalytic.
By telling Mori that Tokyo is oversensitive in dealing with possible missile threats by North Korea, Chen also showed his country's anxieties about planned Japan-U.