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This study identified a cognitive factor that affects self-evaluations, that is, oversensitivity to negative interpersonal cues.
Thus, children who exhibit feelings of inadequacy, oversensitivity, and worry may be providing a signal to aggressors that they are unable to defend themselves (Bernstein & Watson, 1997; Horowitz et al.
3) Oversensitivity to cultural group differences, which are the result of the aforementioned classification of group norms, may lead to a privileging of group rights that is at odds with social work's core value of individual self-determination.
New brain-imaging research suggests that in such people specific neural circuits foster extreme emotional oversensitivity and an inability to see other people as having both positive and negative qualities.
Overcleaning, which occurs when paint strata are eroded by too much mechanical force (friction) or chemical means, puts the paint layers in a delicate condition, an oversensitivity similar to allergies in humans.
By focusing on one specific parameter--the painful sensation experienced by end-users--Skinasensyl reduces nerve oversensitivity to external stimuli by decreasing the amount of the pro-inflammatory neuro-mediator calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP) that is produced by the body.
According to Israeli researchers, this might be a consequence of the cultural oversensitivity in the Arab culture to the utilization of language.
Disorders with generalized oversensitivity to extracellular calcium
This problem can manifest itself as oversensitivity or undersensitivity to touch, sights, sounds, movement, tastes, or smells; unusually high or low activity levels; coordination problems; poor attention span or difficulty focusing on tasks; and low self-esteem.
It was most often deemed hereditary; it could also enter the lungs through a neglected cold or catarrh, or migrate upward, as it were, from venereal disease; or it could result from the oversensitivity and obsessiveness of melancholy" (pp.
The whites' oversensitivity to what Lucas "seems to intend to be accepted" as indicates their own lurking anxiety about self-image, as the old man's boundary-blurring presence exposes the fictiveness of racial difference and, accordingly, of their "superior whiteness.