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Our study proves that the hormone ramps up innate social reasoning skills, resulting in an emotional oversensitivity that can be detrimental in those who don't have any serious social deficiencies," he said.
The report said: "This disdainful attitude towards scrutiny by Parliament, as well as an indication of a clear oversensitivity to criticism, from a politician elected by less than 8% of the electorate, who had managed to side-step the statutory arrangements for local scrutiny of his decision to sack the chief constable, is further evidence.
An allergy causes oversensitivity of the body s immune system.
The most common cause is hereditary male pattern baldness, caused by oversensitivity of hair follicles to the male hormone testosterone.
Therefore, it's necessary to rotate injection sites in order to avoid hardening and oversensitivity.
This combination of a specific form of motivational deficit, resulting in oversensitivity to negative feedback, and superimposed specific neuropsychological deficits were correlated with severity of depression.
Perhaps it was just oversensitivity, for you saw that same look of mingled admiration and apprehension, wherever you went.
Oversensitivity to negative interpersonal cues may lead to maladaptive interpersonal coping flexibility, or instead, the lack of interpersonal coping flexibility may cause an individual to doubt his or her competence, resulting in oversensitivity to negative interpersonal cues (Twenge, Catanese, & Baumeister, 2003).
Betts says she suffered hearing loss, severe tinnitus and oversensitivity to sound in the wake of the show.
Individuals with a high score on Scale Set (sensitive) would have obvious schizotypal behaviors such as disorientation, paranoid delusions, ideas of reference, oversensitivity, suspicion, and hostility.