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The reason for oversetting is that more guests may attend the banquet than had been guaranteed.
Nonetheless, in addition to Byron's regional Italian, James Hamilton Browne's article records further that the poet "seemed to repose credit in the absurd belief, so popular among the Greeks and Turks, about the accidental spilling of oil or wine, or the oversetting of salt;" that "he did not fail to make a profuse use of the common Italian oaths, Faccia di maladetto, Corpo di Bacco, Sangue di Dio, &c.
Fruit trade bosses are set to test the waters oversetting up a single EU-wide promotional logo to cover fruit and veg and boost consumption.
Although inaccurately assessing litigation risk can lead to improper actions by the CPA, the results suggest an interesting possibility of oversetting errors.
Takes are gentle, so oversetting can be a problem for those used to ripping the lips off other species.
Of Hester, Hawthorne writes: "the world's law was no law for her mind" (CE 1:164); of Zenobia, "She made no scruple of oversetting all human institutions" (CE 3:44); as an ideologist of freedom, Miriam is the boldest of all.