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and I saw, by the faint light gleaming through the overshadowing tree, that he was positively pale with the shock.
One of the life-size dolls stood immediately overshadowing the blood stain, summoned, perhaps, by the slain man an instant before he fell.
Bella ventured for a moment to look stealthily towards him under her eyelashes, and she saw a dark cloud of suspicion, covetousness, and conceit, overshadowing the once open face.
The proposed development will not cause any substantial overshadowing to the People's Kitchen.
Mr Farage said Mr Bloom's behaviour had been "selfish" and was overshadowing "all the good things" happening at the conference.
Cemil Cicek said Turkey knew how such international reports were prepared, and such reports were overshadowing the credibility of organizations preparing them.
Personally, I think these awards are a splendid tradition, and far from overshadowing the ceremonies, serve to massively enhance their profile.
He added: "It was the right decision and it would have been a shame if they decided not to allow me keep the bird pens just because they are overshadowing a few vegetables in the garden next door.
A NEW mental health hospital is overshadowing homes after being built far bigger than the original plans suggested, angry families have claimed.
Is there something or someone in your life that is overshadowing you?
This as a great step forward but the issue of overshadowing is proving to be an issue.
Schooler of the University of Pittsburgh, who directed the studies, dubbed this effect "verbal overshadowing of visual memories.