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Take action by writing to the Victorian government urging them to amend the Victorian Planning Provisions to include overshadowing protection for the passive and active solar elements of green buildings, and five star ABGRS energy efficiency requirements for commercial buildings.
Recent investigations, described in the December 2002 Applied Cognitive Psychology, extend what's known about verbal overshadowing and offer potential tactics for counteracting this memory-sapping effect.
All across this country, from small towns to cities, there are similar stories to her experience in Illiopolis, with hidden dumpsites made into schoolyards and polluting stacks overshadowing homes and neighborhoods.
The attention and focus that there seems to be on the Saddam Hussain regime is overshadowing other things like famine in Africa, and so on, and to some extent is stifling any momentum coming out of the World Summit on Sustainable Development which took place in Johannesburg.
The burgeoning rediscovery of Mel Bochner's early work--for the moment overshadowing all he's done over the past three decades--continues apace with guest curator Scott Rothkopf's survey of the artist's 1966-69 photographs and related drawings at Harvard University's Arthur M.
However, deep rooms must receive a minimum lux by law hence the large windows and care that there are no balconies overshadowing them.
While there would be some overshadowing of the window for part of the morning around midwinter the slight effect upon amenity in that bedroom of the house in my judgment falls short of the sort of harmful impact which would mean that permission must be refused.
When I brood on the story of the Annunciation, I like to think about what it means to be "overshadowed" by the Holy Spirit; I wonder if a kind of overshadowing isn't what every young woman pregnant for the first time might feel, caught up in something so much larger than herself.