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Another variation of an overshooting zone issue is when one zone is overshooting while another zone is lagging behind.
More importantly, the chinks that had been found in Thailand's economic armor did not justify the panic that quickly hammered the rest of Asia and, almost instantly after the Thai devaluation, sent the high-pressure hose spraying wildly around, overshooting and destabilizing the region.
The same controller behaved differently on the two different zones, having excessive gain on zone I and overshooting, and not enough on zone 5, being very slow to get to setpoint.
0% in February, overshooting expectations that the figure would fall by only -0.
Though gold has been temporarily strong lately, probably from the oil spike, basically a financial and commodity market price role would suggest that the Fed is overshooting.
The 23-year-old driver had been disciplined for a similar overshooting incident in the past.