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The Air India Boeing 737-800, carrying 160 passengers and a crew of six, overshot a runway and crashed in flames near Mangalore in which 158 were killed.
The Jamaica Observer newspaper said the plane arrived in pouring rain and overshot the runway.
Then in the 600CC he made up ground on the leading Porter and when Porter overshot at one of the bends near the finish Finnegan grabbed the advantage to win with Porter second and Darran Lindsay third.
The Jayhawk and the overshot stackers were two very different types of stackers.
Paul Sarbanes recently denied that Sarbox was enacted in haste, the evidence is overwhelming that the law overshot the mark.
LUTON Airport suspended all flight arrivals and some departures after a private jet overshot a runway and crashed yesterday.
The Airbus A-340 service, Flight AF358 from Charles De Gaulle airport with 297 passengers and 12 crew members, was attempting to land during a thunderstorm when it ran into trouble and overshot the runway by about 200 meters, said Steve Shaw of the Greater Toronto Airport Authority at a news conference.
They probably overshot it--losses focus the mind--but the urge to rebuild technology capacity is being overtaken by the siren call of outsourcing instead.
A lot of people think recovery is going down, but when you take the whole of Europe, the overshot in recovered paper in Europe is growing.