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All of the activities of the QCIC have been subject to oversight by the Public Oversight Board, and representatives of the SEC Chief Accountant's Office review the QCIC's closed case summaries.
OIG officials concluded in 2000 that, along with many other problems with the use of human test subjects, oversight of the recruiting process is limited, and that concerns regarding informed consent, patient confidentiality, and eligibility for enrollment remain.
Communities rarely create identical oversight systems.
New reform efforts include increased quality assurance activities, enhanced enforcement, increased federal oversight of state activities, and more active public notification of facilities that fail to meet standards.
The key factor cited was the fact that A was performing management and oversight functions as to the work performed by the private investigators and expert witnesses.
The FTA contractors will perform inspection, investigation and other oversight activities and transfer the knowledge learned to the new SSOA once it is established.
MANILA -- Senators have agreed to allocate some P20 million annual budget for each oversight committee in the Senate or a total of P400 million next year, Senate Pro Tempore Ralph Recto said on Tuesday.
Under the direction of the Legislature, CRB examined the relationship between charter authorizers and charter schools, with a special emphasis on financial arrangements that would increase the opportunity for oversight beyond the legislatively mandated oversight activities.
Through its State Safety Oversight program, the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) requires states to designate an oversight agency to directly oversee the safety of rail transit systems.
The Defense Science Board (DSB) Task Force on Management Oversight in Acquisition Organizations was asked to assess our structure and methods of oversight to ensure the integrity of acquisition decisions in the Department.