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Senior manager for environment and place Nicole Paterson told councillors other services had been "asked to be careful in terms of any unplanned spending" in a bid to help limit and address the overspend in waste collection.
Both Cardiff and Vale UHB and ABMU health boards are predicted to overspend by PS30.
In response to the overspend, a council spokesman said: "Our children's services are currently going through a restructuring process, focused on preventative work and supporting children to remain living at home safely, where possible.
Council leader Clr David Sheard said: "This quarterly report is part of our normal process to keep a strong grip on spending and understand where our pressures are - we need to act quickly to tackle the overspend.
Ally's Splurge Alert app sends alerts when users get close to locations where they tend to overspend.
He said the main reasons for the overspend were: | Agency nurse costs, which are needed to meet required staffing levels; | increasing continuing healthcare packages to meet the needs of the population; | increasing prescribing costs within primary care (GP services), and; | increased clinical supplies and consumables expenditure.
Setting a budget for Christmas is one simple step to make sure you don't overspend and can enjoy the festive season without worrying about your finances taking a heavy hit.
8m and the North East Ambulance Service (NEAS) is to overspend by PS4m.
A spokeswoman for Wirral council said:"The figure relates to a forecast overspend for the financial year and a further report will go to cabinet setting out the action being taken to address it.
But Labour Cllr Ronnie Hughes, a former council leader, told Mr Davies his explanation "didn't gel" and asked: "Why did it take so long for the overspend to come through?
The document describes the issue as a ''significant overspend which was unforeseen in December 2005 when the full business case was approved.
When it comes to coping with the holiday overspend, people from our region were most likely to raid their savings to cover their excess spending.