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Despite their best efforts, it seems that once in 'holiday mode' Brits' control over their purse strings loosens significantly; over a third (34 per cent) of overspenders decided to forget their finances because they didn't want to restrict themselves while relaxing, while one in six (17 per cent) believe overspending is a part of the holiday experience anyway.
Here, according to the UN Development Program is the list of top military overspenders in 1990-91.
San Fernando Valley voters were disgusted with misuse of their taxes by flagrant overspenders at Los Angeles City Hall, 20 miles away.
But for erstwhile overspenders who are already in financial straits - with a pile of overdue bills alongside those nicely wrapped gifts - more extreme steps may be in order.
The startling figures are revealed in a list of overspenders from Schools Minister Robin Squire obtained by The Mirror last night.