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San Fernando Valley voters were disgusted with misuse of their taxes by flagrant overspenders at Los Angeles City Hall, 20 miles away.
According to a document seen by Europolitics and presented to the Christian Democratic Party (CDU) this week, Merkel's plan includes wide-ranging treaty changes that would allow automatic Commission-imposed sanctions for overspenders, an EU veto over the budgets of bailed-out nations and the possibility of taking profligate states to the Court of Justice.
But for erstwhile overspenders who are already in financial straits - with a pile of overdue bills alongside those nicely wrapped gifts - more extreme steps may be in order.
The startling figures are revealed in a list of overspenders from Schools Minister Robin Squire obtained by The Mirror last night.
The six-text package on economic governance stalled before the summer over whether to introduce a new voting system - reverse qualified majority voting - at an earlier stage in the budget-making process, giving overspenders less room to veto Commission sanctions.
Negotiations between the Parliament and Council over a six-text package of rules to punish overspenders and rein in overheating economies broke down as officials headed off on their summer holidays, leaving its fate unclear after a June deadline elapsed.
MEPs have consistently pushed for the Commission to have more power in meting out fines to overspenders, despite the decision taken by member states, on 15 March, to insert an extra step in the sanctioning procedure, giving them a chance to overturn sanctions before they are set in stone.
These alien grasses are severe overspenders of water, especially in the late spring, and the oaks can't compete,'' said John W.
Heads of state and government will reunite to put the final touches to a "comprehensive" deal to save the single currency, including a boost for the bailout funds, a euro pact to harmonise budget, tax and labour policies and a package of legislation on economic governance to toughen sanctions for overspenders.
Meanwhile, Trichet also called for more ambition in the negotiations on the bloc's economic governance package, saying sanctions for overspenders should be more automatic, and urged weaker banks to boost their capital reserves.
Sanctions for overspenders should include not only financial ones, but political ones, including the suspension of the country's vote in Council meetings.