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This helps users identify and avoid overspending with the help of friends.
26, 2013, ruling of the Comelec that found Ejercito guilty of election overspending.
BEIRUT: Former Finance Minister Raya al-Hasan and MP Boutros Harb blasted the government Friday for legalizing overspending for the entire year, warning that this move was designed to avoid discussing the 2012 draft budget.
Most of the city's overspending is taking place in children's and adults social services, where demand for help is outstripping resources.
But the use of that money has yet to be determined and is not likely to be used to cover department overspending.
Mr Morey said: "I am not worried because there is no reason to believe that there will be any overspending by the end of the programme period.
And with nearly one in 10 British holidaymakers spending more than pounds 2,500 on their holidays, the overspending is often more than just loose change.
Rather than overspending, the surplus will go towards our house move in January.
Billions of dollars of overspending might be saved if only some modicum of control could be fastened to the runaway California legislative bodies driven by special interests.
Arizona Representative David Burnell Smith has been ordered to leave office for overspending public campaign limits by more that $6,000 by the state's Citizens Clean Elections Commission.
As a result there is absolutely no scope to support overspending divisions.